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LillyEllenDesigns offers Personalized Hand Stamped Jewelry for Women, Men, and Children......So Oh My Gosh!

LillyEllen....So Oh My Gosh!

I found my love for Jewelry about 12 years ago. I had been making jewelry for friends and family for years, but found I wanted to create more.  So I opened a Website - and just waited...

Soon I received my first order and screamed OH MY GOSH!

That's been the theme ever since...

My shop is named after my two awesome daughters. I am still working on a way to include my sons name.

I am a one women operation......

I have a BA Degree in Communications and spend my days smashing metal with a hammer. I am so Blessed.

My Studio is Located in Pleasanton, California.

I so enjoy creating jewelry from raw materials. I punch my own discs, sand, tumble, stamp and finish. It is fun doing the personalization, folks are really creative. I am the craftsman you are the creator..... I love making your vision come to life........

So glad you stopped by,